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  1. Maria Rave Says:

    Recuerden la conferencia de CHISPA este jueves 27 de septiembre de 2012 a las 6:30pm
    En la biblioteca de Bangor

  2. Lina Vydas Says:

    Adressing all our members and friends:
    It has been a while since the last time I checked our blog. (I am as guilty as everyone else for
    not taking advantage of this opportunity). Today I opened it and was pleasantly surprised to
    find Aimee’s comment – on an event that took place a long time ago! It was rewarding to see that at least one person was touched enough to post a note on our blog about a conference she attended during the Lecture Series of 2011, in which she learned something on a complex subjet that is little understood by most of our American friends. This is precisely, one of the goals of CHISPA, to educate by shared experiences and to gain insights into the different Hispanic cultures that conform our organization. Thank you Aimee.
    Lina Vydas
    Secretary of CHISPA.

    Dirigiéndome a todos nuestro amigos y miembros:
    Ha pasado tiempo desde la ultima vez que cheque nuestro ‘blog’. (Soy tan culpable como cualquiera de no haber tomado ventaja de esta oportunidad). Hoy lo abrí y recibí la agradable sorpresa de encontrar el comentario de Aimee – sobre un evento que se llevó a cabo hace ya bastante tiempo! Fue muy gratificante el ver que al menos una persona, recibió una impresión tan favorable como para poner una nota en nuestro ‘blog’ en relación a una conferencia que presenció durante la Serie de Conferncias
    del 2011, en la cual aprendió algo sobre un complicado tema, que es poco entendido por la mayoria de nuestros amigos americanos. Este es uno de los objetivos de CHISPA; el educar por medio de compartir experiencias y también facilitar un conocimiento mas profundo sobre las diferentes culturas de origen hispano que conforman nuestra organización. Gracias Aimee.
    Lina Vydas,
    Secretaria de CHISPA.

    • Lina Vydas Says:

      CHISPA Centro Hispano is proud to present our fifth Annual Lectures Series to celebrate the Hispanic
      Heritage Month at the Bangor Public Library, Lecture Room.

      September 15th from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.
      “From Physician to Writer: Living the Passion of Life’s Experience.” By Margarita Kullick, Mexican author of “La hora del perdón.”
      Celebrated Mexican author and physician from Washington, DC, Dr. Kullick will share her life’s experiences and observations that led her to write her first book,” La hora del perdón”. Inspired by the people and friends she made during her travels and work from Mexico to India, to the United States, and to Japan. Dr. Kullick will elaborate on the colorful and fantastic stories that provided the background for her first book. Dr. Kullick will engage the audience with much passion and enthusiasm and hopes to spark the desire to write about their life’s experiences.

      Dr. Kullick’s book will be available for sale at every venue. All proceeds from the book will go towards a scholarship foundation for Latino youths in the Washington, DC area.

  3. Aimee Says:

    I attended the lecture “Who’s an Alien” by Maria Sandweiss, and it was incredible. During the presentation I was able to hear first-hand accounts of some people that had to go through the immigration system. Their stories were heartbreaking, amazing, and eyeopening. I am grateful for the people I encountered at this meeting, and recommend to others that they attend the next few meetings if possible! Wonderful group of speakers, and I again, thank them for sharing their stories with me.

  4. Lina Vydas Says:

    CHISPA Centro Hispano Lecture Series 2011

    In keeping with its mission to inform the public of Hispanic heritage and culture, the nonprofit organization CHISPA Centro Hispano is pleased to announce the following activities at the Bangor Public Library.

    CHISPA presents a four session lecture series beginning September 15th on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:40 at the Bangor Public Library (Lecture Room).

    CHISPA is also pleased to present “Activities with Amigos”, a bilingual children’s event featuring members of CHISPA leading children’s activities and reading stories from Latin countries in the Story Room on Saturday, October 15th at 10am.

    There is something for everyone, so please join us as we celebrate Hispanic Culture Month!

    September 15th:

    “Spanish is not my Mother Tongue: Resilience among Indigenous Peoples of Latin America”

    By Dr. Constanza Ocampo-Raeder
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Anthropology
    University of Maine

    Constanza Ocampo-Raeder has been working with indigenous peoples of Latin America for over 15 years both in the Amazon rainforest and Central America. Her researches focuses on understanding human nature interactions and how indigenous people interact with environmental initiatives and projects. She received Phd from Stanford University and is currently an Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the University of Maine.

    September 22
    “Who’s an Alien?”

    By Maria Sandweiss
    Lecturer in Spanish
    Department of Modern Languages and Classics
    University of Maine

    María Sandweiss was born in Lima, Peru. She studied Social Sciences and Archaeology at San Marcos University in Lima. She came to the United States in 1987 and began working at the University of Maine in 1995. She received her Masters degree from UMaine in 2010. She is currently a Lecturer of Spanish at the University. Her interests are: immigration and teaching Spanish and Latino culture.

    September 29th:

    “Learning Spanish in Bangor: what public schools have to offer to our community”

    By Graciela S. Dorsa.
    Spanish teacher at Bangor High School.

    Graciela Dorsa was born in Argentina, she has been teaching Spanish as a Second Language for 15 years in the United States. She has been teaching students in different levels from Elementary School to College. After obtaining a BS and Masters degrees in Pedagogy at the Catholic University of Argentina, she moved to West Virginia, where she obtained a Masters degree in Foreign Language Teaching and Latin-American Literature at West Virginia University. In 2006, she earned an Advanced Graduate Certificate on Psychology and Education of Gifted and Talented Students from the Catholic University of Chile. She is currently a Spanish teacher at Bangor High School.

    October 6th:

    “American Men married to Latin American Women”.

    A panel discussion with American men who are married to women from Spanish-speaking countries and the unique experiences and challenges they face adjusting to their lives in the family/culture.

    October 15th:

    “Activities with Amigos”, a bilingual children’s event (10:00 to 10:45am.)

    By members of CHISPA
    children’s activities and reading stories from Spanish-speaking countries.

    For more information about CHISPA Centro Hispano, please contact Maria Rave, President @ 207.735.5480

  5. Lina Vydas Says:

    El sábado 19 de marzo, fue uno de los más concurridos hasta la fecha. Si mal no recuerdo, tuvimos 10 amigas reunidas disfrutando de la mutua compañía y aprovechando la oportunidad de conocernos mejor.
    El domingo 20, a las 3 p.m. – No fue tan bien atendido; sin embargo, las familias que nos dimos cita ahí, la pasamos muy bien. Entre los presentes estuvieron: María Rave (1), Los Sandweiss (3), Loredo K. (1), las dos estudiantes de Kuki, Los Vydas con su nieta (3). No se si antes o después se presentaron mas personas.

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